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Myopia Control Care



Myopia Control Care

Myopia control care is the latest service from JEC which is here to answer the minus eye problem which is increasingly prevalent nowadays because of the many activities that must be done from home.

This service is comprehensive and well-targeted for patients who have or may become minus eye. The purpose of Myopia Control Care is to hinder services and reduce the risk of myopia in patients. Myopia sufferers have difficulty seeing objects that are far away. This condition arises because the eyeball is too long, so that light does not fit on the retina.

Asia in general and Indonesia in particular, are one of the highest contributing countries in this figure, where 48.99% are refractive disorders, and refractive disorders are included in the top 5 causes of blindness in Indonesia or 20.62%, so the prevalence of refractive disorders Eyes in Indonesia are 25% of the total population or about 55 million people.

Myopia Risk Factors

The exact cause of myopia is not known, but the following risk factors can increase the likelihood of developing myopia:

  • Genetics: If both parents are myopic, the risk is inherited 8x higher
  • Gadget-habit: Accustomed to doing close-range activities, such as using gadgets/computers for too long, playing games on mobile phones, and others
  • Lack of outdoor activities: Seeing far will help relax the eye muscles and prevent eye fatigue so that the eyes stay healthy

Myopia Symptoms and Complications

Below is Myopia Symptoms:

  • Often squint when you see
  • far away while driving
  • distant chalkboard [for children]
  • Often close to the screen when watching TV
  • Eyes feel tense
  • Eyes feel tired
  • Headache
  • Frequently rubbing eyes

Myopia that is not treated properly and early will lead to several complications of other eye diseases, such as:

  • Lazy Eyes
  • cataract
  • Glaucoma
  • Retinal detachment

If complications are found in myopic patients, a referral to JEC's eye subspecialty services will be made according to the diagnosis of each patient.