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Diabetes Education & Care



Diabetes Education & Care

Diabetes is one of the global problems in the world health sector. In 2015, the International Diabetes Federation estimated that 1 in 11 people in the world had diabetes and this number will continue to grow. Often JEC patients come with complaints of decreased vision or blindness due to diabetes, because many of these patients do not realize that their diabetes can be fatal to their eyesight.

As we know, diabetes is a disease of blood vessels, while one of the most important organs in our eyes, namely the retina, consists of many blood vessels, so diabetes can greatly affect the retina. Identifying patients with retinal disorders early on is one of the main factors in the successful management of diabetes, especially those who have experienced complications.

4 pillars of diabetes management to remember :

  1. Education
  2. Meal Planning for Diabetes Patients
  3. Physical Activity
  4. Use of Drugs/Insulin

Without these four pillars, diabetes management will not work properly.

Departing from this, JEC as the most complete eye care center in Indonesia, strives to provide the best service for diabetics by presenting Diabetes Education & Care, which is a comprehensive diabetes service center, both in terms of diabetes, nutritional control, to eye health for diabetic patients.

Available services :

  • Consultation with Internal Medicine Specialist
  • Consultation and Education on Nutrition and Medicine with General Practitioners
  • Laboratory
  • Foot Care Room

Diabetic patients may experience complications, both acute and chronic. With good sugar control through these 4 pillars, patients will be able to control not only their blood sugar, but in the long term will be able to control, stop or prevent more severe complications in the future.