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Vision and Mission


Improving Patient Quality of Life by providing the highest quality corneal tissue.


Lions Eye Bank is a non-profit organization founded in 2018 to serve the Indonesian people, especially those who live in Jakarta. Patients outside the city can continue to register on the list of potential donors/be a recipient of the Lions Eye Bank Family so that if one day the prospective donor (caldon) is declared dead, they can contact the LEBJ hotline at 0821-50-800-800.

The technician who will take the corneal tissue in question is a technician from the Eye Donation Center (EDC) which will be established at each JEC branch outside Jabodetabek. The network will be delivered by the relevant EDC and examined in detail at LEBJ. If the results of the examination show quality and good tissue quality, the tissue will be sent to the relevant JEC unit so that it can be used by corneal specialist ophthalmologists in the JEC branch area outside Jabodetabek.

Used of Corneal Tissue

How is corneal tissue used?

The cornea is the foremost part of the eyeball and is transparent so it can conduct light for later processing in the brain. When corneal clarity is disturbed due to congenital or acquired disease (infection, trauma), the patient will complain of visual disturbances and generally complain of glare/sensitivity to light.

If this happens, corneal transplantation is one of the treatment options in the context of visual rehabilitation. The current success rate of corneal transplantation is around 90% due to technological developments in the field of cornea, where previously the entire corneal layer was replaced with new corneal tissue, currently only the affected part of the cornea will be replaced and reduces the chance of the cornea experiencing rejection.

Corneal Donor Facts:

  • 1 cornea can help/assist vision restoration in 2 to 8 patients depending on the number of layers needed for vision improvement.
  • All religions support corneal donation
  • Physical appearance after the donation will not change
  • Corneal tissue collection can still be done up to 24 hours from the time of the death of the prospective donor
  • There is no charge for corneal removal
  • The costs required when the prospective recipient/patient wants to do a corneal graft are allocated for the operational costs of the eye bank in order to produce high-quality corneal tissue according to international standards that have been applied by the Eye Bank Association of America/EBAA.
  • It is not allowed to choose the origin of the prospective donor
  • Prospective recipients are not allowed to know the origin of the donor, unless there has been a written statement from the prospective donor's family that the family has agreed to reveal their identity
  • The eye bank in this case LEBJ is a communication intermediary between prospective donors and prospective recipients
  • Before being used in a corneal transplant, it is ensured that the corneal tissue is not infected (Hepatitis, HIV, Covid, Syphilis, herpes, etc.)
  • The LEBJ hotline is 24/7: active and can be contacted 24 hours and 7 days at 0821-50-800-800
  • Filling out forms from certain lebj/communities/events does not have to be sent in hardcopy, but can be photographed and sent to LEBJ's whatsapp/email number after the form is completely filled out
  • The family is expected to know the noble wishes of the prospective donor who will donate his cornea when the candidate dies
  • Family refusal where Caldon's family does not heed/disagree with taking corneas when Caldon dies is allowed
  • How to register as a candidate, among others:
    • Fill out the form at www.jec.co.id/lebj
    • Come directly to the LEBJ office at gedung JEC Kedoya di Jl. Terusan Arjuna Utara 1, Jakarta Barat lantai 3
    • Purchase merchandise at Shopee and Tokopedia Lions Eye Bank Jakarta - the funds will be transferred to the LEBJ Foundation account
    • Donate directly through the lebj website at www.jec.co.id/lebj

Future LEBJ Plans

LEBJ Plans for the Future

  • Having our own eye bank building
  • Produce local corneal donors of at least 10 corneas per month
  • Help reduce the number of corneal blindness

Contact Us

You can contact us through

  • Hotline: 0821-50-800-800
  • Office : RS JEC Kedoya di Jl. Terusan Arjuna Utara 1, Jakarta Barat, lantai 3
  • Laboratorium: RS JEC Kedoya di Jl. Terusan Arjuna Utara 1, Jakarta Barat, lantai 4
  • Email: lionseyebankjakarta@jec.co.id
  • Website: www.jec.co.id/lebj
  • Instagram: @lionseyebankjakarta