Low Vision is a chronic visual impairment which cannot be corrected through medical procedures, such as surgery, or the use of medication. Low Vision also cannot be corrected with glasses or refractive contact lenses. However Low Vision patients still have residual vision to perform daily activities despite the limitations. Low Vision may be suffered by a person at birth or occurred prior to old age.

The characteristics of people with low vision

  • The baby does not respond to light, do not react to objects or toys with low contrast, did not react when spoken to smile.
  • Eyeball moves irregularly
  • Squint when exposed to sunlight
  • Difficult to see at night.
  • Difficulty in reading and writing.
  • Often bumping into things / objects with low contrast
  • Difficulty to identify a person's face, or imitate another person movement.


Services for patients with Low Vision are as follows

  • To prescribe glasses, magnifying glasses, telescopes and electronic magnifier.
  • To prescribe non optical aids such as Typoskop, reading lamp, reading filter, book's buffer, white cane etc.
  • Exercise session to learn to read, writing letters or to read braille.
  • Exercise for mobility and orientation, especially for adults who just experienced low vision.
  • Exercise for visual stimulation and effective vision.
  • Parenting consultation for parents with kids having low vision.

JEC dapat membantu penderita Low Vision dengan konsultasi, pemberian terapi dan penulisan resep yang sesuai untuk meningkatkan kualitas hidup penderita. 

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