JEC Pioneering in Implementing Semi-Robotic Surgery and Ophthalmic Trauma Service in Indonesia

Feb 12, 2020
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Jakarta, 7 February 2020 - JEC, Eye Hospitals and Clinics with the international service standards, holds the fourth annual international event JECIM (JEC International Meeting) and the 5th World Congress of Ophthalmic of Anesthesia, with 'Vision Of Perfection' as the main theme. This event, which was also one of the programs of the JEC’s 36th anniversary, presented speakers from various countries and distinguished participants from hospitals and medical circles.

In his opening speech, Dr. Setiyo Budi Riyanto, SpM (K); Director of JEC @ Menteng Hospital, Head of JEC Refractive Surgery and Chair of the JECIM 2020 Committee said, "2020 is a special year for ophthalmologists and practitioners in the eye care services, the year of achieving Vision 2020 - where the world population, especially those experiencing blindness has the right to have optimized vision and the main cause of blindness can be eliminated. "

"JECIM has become a very important forum for the medical community in Indonesia, especially professionals in eye care field, to improve themselves and their potential through symposium, workshops and lectures. At JECIM 2020, we introduce the technology of semi-robotic surgery in cataract and retinal operations - equipped with a modern microscope and Ophthalmic Trauma Service which provides comprehensive treatment for patients with trauma to the eye," added Dr. Setiyo Budi Riyanto.

In line with JEC's mission to be the forefront of healthcare services, after the FLACS (Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery) service - where the cataract surgery is done by laser, without any scalpel, now JEC is making another breakthrough; To be Indonesia’s pioneer in implementing semi-robotic technology in cataract and retinal surgery and opening the Ophthalmic Trauma Service to ensure patients with eye trauma get the most comprehensive treatment.

In cataract and retinal surgery, doctors rely on a microscope to be able to get a complete top-down eye view. The technology of semi-robotic surgery has been implemented at JEC, equipped with a digital microscope with high-quality optics so that the medical team are able to view intraocular details very well. This technology only requires a small light intensity, so that patients do not feel dazzled and more comfortable. This would help the medical team during the operation process because the patient would be more cooperative.

"The higher resolution digital microscope allows us to get a clear and more tangible three-dimensional display of the patient's eyes, detailing every part down to the small tissue. This digital microscope also makes it more comfortable, effective and efficient for doctors. With a three-dimensional display, doctors can easily reach the difficult parts and minimize postoperative trauma to patients," said Dr. Elvioza, SpM (K), Chair of Retina Service and Optometrist specialist, subspecialist Vitreoretina JEC.

Some cases of blindness are caused by trauma to the eye, which is increasing in number every  year. To answer this concern, JEC has opened the Ophthalmic Trauma Service which provides the most comprehensive services with the support of medical personnel from various subspecialists, to cater to the patient's conditions and needs.

"Trauma to the eye can result in a vision problem to blindness which could reduce the quality of life and productivity of patients. This would also affect not only the patient, but also the patient's family. The Ophthalmic Trauma Service Team will treat a comprehensive eye trauma, according to the conditions and needs of the patient, involving medical teams from various subspecialists," said Dr. Yunia Irawati, SpM (K); Chairperson of JEC Ophthalmic Trauma Service. "Good collaboration between the medical team and the patient and his family is the key to successfully treat eye trauma and restoring the patient's visual function."

Dr. Yunia Irawati, SpM (K) was also the JECIM 2020 speaker who presented the Ophthalmic Trauma Service at JEC. The focus field includes comprehensive treatment of trauma in the eye and its complex surrounding. In this program JEC partners up with the Asia Pacific Ophthalmic Trauma Society (APOTS) - an organization that specializes in regulating the quality and standards in the treatment of trauma to the eye. Through this Ophthalmic Trauma Service, JEC also hopes to increase understanding of eye trauma and to encourage the eye care in Indonesia to develop and implement a comprehensive eye trauma treatment.

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