Ine Indriani, M.Psi






Clinical Psychologist (with pediatric clinical psychologist as the major sub specialist and adult clinical psychologist as the minor sub specialist) who practiced at Jakarta Eye Center Hospital. Her experiences include handling varieties of clinical psychological cases within children, teenagers and adults which covers assessments, education, counseling, coaching, developmental related therapies, parent-child communication and relationship, aptitude, emotional related behavior, mental blocks, trauma, and other psychological issues.

She took her degree in Psychology at University of Indonesia and registered as Clinical Psychologist in HIMPSI (Himpunan Psikologi Indonesia. She has taken certification and courses in Indonesia and abroad, like Brain spotting in Australia by Brain spotting Australia-Pacific, Master Ego State Therapist (a.k.a Resource Therapy-Certified by Gordon Emerson), Parent Child Interaction Therapy (web course – US), Graphology, Talents Mapping, Finger Print Test, Coaching, etc.

Her other experiences are as a speakers in various events, some of them are the Indonesian Ministry of Health’s Health Intelligence Central,  Parenting Workshops and other training. She is also a professional resource speaker for TVs show, radio and printed media


Faculty of Psychology, University of Indonesia


HIMPSI (Himpunan Psikologi Indonesia)


Clinical Psychologist


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