About Us

JEC is an eye hospital which is fully equipped with the international standards. We have the missions and commitments to leverage people’s quality of life through the excellent eye health service. JEC also commits to be the leader in term of the eye health service, especially to the people with refractive disorders.

JEC has been developed into an eye hospital with seven eye health services, which are :

  1. Cataract and Refractive Surgery (LASIK & Corneal Transplantation)
  2. Vitreoretina Service
  3. Glaucoma Service
  4. Oculoplasty Service (Plastic Eye Surgery and Eye Tumor)
  5. Contact Lenses Service
  6. Children Eye & Squint Clinic
  7. Low Vision Care

Patients will receive the best treatments from our professional ophthalmologists who have been experienced in their fields for years. It is also supported by reliable and skilled staffs and the most sophisticated eye health facilities. JEC also always puts its commitment to give the best to the patients with the latest technologies in term of eye health service to preserve as the leading eye hospital in Indonesia.

Within 33-year since its establishment on February 1, 1984, JEC has been turned into the most comprehensive and modern eye hospital. We always try to maintain our good reputation by involving the skilled and experienced human resources in our team to strengthen JEC’s quality of services.

The patients who come to JEC to get their treatments do not need to find other hospitals due to ‘One Stop Service’ concept that JEC has set. This concept is made for all patients with refractive disorders to be able being treated at one place, which is at JEC, without being referred to other hospitals. This fact is very much possible since JEC has the most experienced and professional physicians and practitioners, the skilled and best staffs and also comprehensive facilities.

JEC’s pace as the most comprehensive and modern eye hospital has been acknowledged both nationally and internationally. JEC has got an award from MURI (The Indonesia World Records Museum) towards its LASIK service. At that time, JEC has been the pioneer of LASIK service in Indonesia and also as the first hospital with Laser Vision Correction Center (LVC) in Indonesia.

Several national achievements have also been attained by JEC. While amongst of them are from the Hospital Accreditation Commission (KARS) on plenary level, Most Brand Reputable Eye Hospital in Jabodetabek and 7 other cities in Indonesia by SWA magazine, and The Best in Building and Managing Corporate Image in Eye Hospital category by Corporate Image Award.

JEC’s commitments to the people have also been showed by JEC’s involvements in national level activities. JEC is noted as an active member in Scientific Symposium between Ophthalmologists. In this event, JEC has unlocked the ophthalmology horizon with the very latest innovation of eye health technologies. Meanwhile, in the international level, JEC has come out as a founding member of ASEAN Association of Eye Hospital (AAEH) and an active member of World Association of Eye Hospitals (WAEH).

In order to serve more people, JEC has expanded its services by operating other branches in Jabodetabek. The newest one is JEC @ Kedoya, which has been established since April 2, 2012. It is designed with a HOSPITEL concept, which is a design that combines the hotel concept in a hospital industry. For its five-year of running, JEC @ Kedoya has been acknowledged by Joint Commission International (JCI), United States of America, as a hospital which always puts its focuses on service, safety and patients’ satisfaction.

Aside from JEC @ Kedoya, JEC @ Cibubur also has another different concept. Its commitments are well reflected on its slogan “The Most Integrated and Reliable Eye Clinic”. JEC @ Cibubur is always ready to welcome the patients, BPJS members and other insurances’ members, and private patients. In fact, JEC @ Cibubur has served the BPJS patients since August 1, 2016. It shows that JEC @ Cibubur wants to give the best services in order to treat all eye problems. In the next coming years, JEC is going to expand its services by founding eye clinics in other regions to make sure that everyone gets the best access in term of eye problems. Moreover, JEC also has the vision that every region will have the Eye Treatment Center that its procedures are acknowledged by the world.


Our History


JEC Established

JEC established on 1 February 1984 in Menteng as an Eye Clinic


Our History


Transform to Hospital

JEC @ Menteng begun to transform, from Eye Clinic to Eye Hospital


Our History


Pioneer of LASIK

JEC is the First who brought LASIK Technology to Indonesia


Our History


JEC Expansion

JEC expand services by open new branch in Kebon Jeruk


Our History


MURI Award

JEC received MURI Award as pioneer of LASIK in Indonesia


Our History


JEC Become Corporation

JEC has expand, and become Corporation, named PT Nitrasanatha Dharma


Our History


Green Building Concept & New Methods of Eye Surgery

JEC @ Kedoya has operated as the first Hospitél and Green Building Concept in Indonesia

JEC brought another Technology and Methods of Eye Surgery, Laser Cataract and 6 Dimension of Z-LASIK


Our History


Accreditation & Award

JEC Eye Hospital achieved National Accredited form KARS by Ministry of Health Indonesian Republic

JEC achieved award from SWA magazine as Indonesia’s healthcare most reputable brand for eye hospital in Jabodetabek and 7 other cities in Indonesia


Our History


International Accredited

JEC Eye Hospital achieved International Accredited from Joint Commission International (JCI, by USA)


Our History


Award & New Branch

JEC achieved “The best in building and managing corporate image” winner for Eye Hospital category from Frontier magazine

JEC expand it's business to Cibubur, and officialy open new Clinic at Cibubur


Our History


ISO Achievement

JEC achieved ISO 9001:2015 from SGS


Our History


Re-Accreditation & Open New Hospital and Clinics

Re-Accredited by JCI USA and KARS

JEC Grow their wings by start to operated JEC @ Tambora, JEC @ Cinere, Candi Eye Center Semarang and JEC-Primasana

Lions Eye Bank Jakarta as a Eye Bank officially opened


Our History


Award & Open New Clinic

JEC Open new Clinic at Bekasi

JEC achieved “The Best in Building and Managing Corporate Image” winner for eye hospital category from Frontier magazine


Dr. Johan A. Hutauruk, SpM (K)

President Director of JEC Corporate

Head of Hospitals

Dr. Referano Agustiawan, SpM(K)

President Director of JEC Kedoya

Dr. Setiyo Budi Riyanto, SpM(K)

President Director of JEC Menteng

Dr. Wahyu Kartika Andayani, SpM

Director of RS Mata JEC - Primasana

Dr. Sri Inakawati, MSi. Med, Sp.M(K)

Director of RS Mata JEC - Candi

Head of Clinics

Dr. Emma Rusmayani, SpM(K)

Head of JEC @ Cibubur

Dr. Devina Nur Annisa, SpM(K)

Head of JEC @ Tambora

Dr. Zeiras Eka Djamal, SpM(K)

Head of JEC @ Cinere

Dr. Nashrul Ihsan, SpM(K)

Head of JEC @ Bekasi

Dr. Fatimah Dyah N.A., MARS., SpM(K)

Head of Candi Eye Center, Semarang

Dr. Anas Anwari, SpM

Head of JEC - Anwari @ Purwokerto

Dr. Susy Fatmariyanti, SpM(K)

Head of JEC - JAVA @ Surabaya

Dr. Mirella Afifudin, M.Kes, SpM

Head of JEC - Orbita @ Makassar

JEC Vision and Mission


"Optimizing eye sight and quality of life"


  • Delivering internationally recognized clinical standard in patient care
  • Go beyond expectation both inside and outside the doctor’s office
  • Possessing proven cutting edge technology
  • Investing in the development of highly skilled doctors and staffs through research and education

JEC Value Extra


  • We focus on providing the best in everything we do
  • Our highest priority is the safety of our patients
  • We believe in collaboration of people with cohesive meritocracy which will allow us to bring the best to our patient and benefit the communities where we work and to our nation
  • We learn from our experiences and have the courage to change to drive our commitment to continually improve


  • We are honest with ourselves and our patients
  • We conduct our organization in ethical manner, and we are proud to be a trusted partner for our patients, colleagues and communities


  • We respect and support each other
  • We respect the law and the rights of our patients and every individual
  • We believe that respect for others will guide our manner
  • We inspire enjoyable work environment to foster productivity


  • We believe that time is the most valuable thing in life, so we will constantly find the way to make everything more efficient
  • We believe that faster is always better

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